Motivation to Lose My Extra Weight

I had been trying to lose weight for the majority of my life. I was overweight as a child, and it just continued to get worse as an adult. I got embarrassed when at the amusement park though, and that changed everything. I had to get off a roller coaster because I was not able to put the safety belt around me. I can still recall people pointing at me, some laughing and some looking awkward with their pity. That is how I found about meal replacement shakes for weight loss though.

I went online that same night because I needed some information on the best way to lose weight. My problem is that I love food. By lunchtime, I had often eaten more than most people eat in an entire day.
All I had to do was recall the looks and giggles I got at the roller coaster though, and it made me lose my appetite. I have to say, that is the first time that has ever happened to me! I knew that I still needed to make sure I was getting the right nutrients since I had vowed to give up food, no matter what it took.

I thought that a meal replacement meant I would not have to eat anymore, but I discovered that it does not quite work that way. I still had to make sure I ate fruits and vegetables, and I had to take my meal replacement shake along with plenty of fiber as well. The purpose of the fiber is so I would feel full and not want to eat, and it really does work that way. I was not hungry at all, and I started losing weight. I also started gaining more energy, which just helped me to lose weight even more. I am still embarrassed over what happened, but at least I have done something about it. I am more proud than anything at this point.