Taking you back to ten years earlier

Hello Horacio here. I don’t exactly know why I introduced myself like that because as I said earlier I doubt anyone apart from myself and Clare will be seeing this.

Anyway, Clare, I want to first take you back to ten years ago. It was exactly 6 weeks after we had been married and we were about to move into very own house. I’m happy to say that at the time of writing this, we are in fact still in this house, only with a few little additions!

If you remember clearly, we decided to move to this house as it was in a good location. Fairly central and close to my work. Usually houses situated close to town are more often than not incredibly expensive compared to similar sized houses just a couple miles out. We knew this when we began looking for a house, and thankfully it did not deter us. Unusually, lots of my friends had to decided to build their own home, but we didn’t really want to do this.

Within about a week or so, we found the perfect place. It was in town, and actually wasn’t too expensive at all. As soon as we saw the house in the flesh we realised why the price had been decreased slightly. There was water damage in one part of the house. Luckily their asking price was smaller than what we could afford, so as soon as we moved in, we spent a good deal of the remaining money fixing the original problem. With a bit of luck we had that all sorted within a few months.

With this house, there wasn’t any furniture that the previous tenant wanted to leave behind. So again, we had to spend quite a bit more money on new furniture to actually make it liveable. We also had to spend some time thinking about the interior design too. In the meantime we stayed at Clare’s parents house which was about a thirty minute drive away.

It was actually quite useful having the house bare to begin with, as it actually gave us a chance to give the whole building a thorough looking over and let us figure out exactly what it was we wanted for each room. If it wasn’t for that process we probably wouldn’t have decided that we wanted the spectacular light fittings that we have in three of the rooms in our house, so I’m actually quite happy for it!

Let me take you back

Hi everyone,

My name is Horacio and I’ve created this little blog. I’m not really sure why i’m writing this introduction because I haven’t really built this website to be viewed by anyone but myself and my wife, Clare.

We’ve been married for just over ten years now, and I thought it might quite a cool idea to create a website, where each of us can make posts and write down memories we’ve both shared over the last ten years. We think it’s a great idea because both of us will be able to directly come to this site in the future and relive all of those memories incredibly quickly.

So, if you have stumbled upon this website than I welcome you, and please read our posts – hopefully you will enjoy our stories as much as we do.